Female Scientists Network - Magdeburg connects Life-Scientists and Alumnae

The Female Scientists Network invites all female scientists connected to Magdeburg to join. It doesn't matter whether Magdeburg was the starting point, an intermediate stop or the goal of your career.

The task of our network is to connect alumni and currently in Magdeburg working scientists, to win them as role models or mentors for future junior scientists and to highlight various career paths inside and outside academia.

"I hadn't been aware that there were doors closed to me until I started knocking on them."

Gertrude Belle Elion (1918 - 1999, US-American pharmacologist, biochemist, Nobel laureate 1988 in medicine)




Mentoring is a process where experienced professionals provide guidance and support to individuals seeking to advance in their careers or fields of expertise. Mentoring is offered by the Female Scientist Network to empower and uplift aspiring women in science, fostering their growth and success.

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